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Larry and Cricket: An Unlikely Friendship is the first in a soon to be series of "Larry and Cricket" story books based on the real life adventures of the Instagram phenomenon of Larry the Tortoise and Cricket the Golden Retriever. For the past four years Larry and Cricket with their daily adventures and loving friendship, have been captured by professional animal photographer Christine Hill.


Larry and Cricket share an Instagram feed that warm the hearts of their fans with fun-loving, and touching photographs and videos. Larry and Cricket have generated media attention including stories in National Geographic, Animal Planet, Buzzfeed, and nationally broadcast news around the World. The pair have been covered in many regions including USA, Japan, China, Australia, Europe, and India. Larry and Cricket have been in demand for personal appearances, product endorsements, and as featured performers in various advertising campaigns.

The first book in the Larry and Cricket series, Larry and Cricket: An Unlikely Friendship is an origins story, based on the true story of how Larry was discovered by Cricket the dog. Cricket is soooo excited to meet Larry, but it takes him a while to learn the differences and patience that would make a friendship work between a hyper active and effervescent golden retriever and a slower paced tortoise. Larry meanwhile learns the true joy of his first friend and the happiness of finding a place where love makes him feel like he belongs.

CHRISTINE HILL is a professional animal photographer, animal rescuer and activist. Christine grew up in rural Australia surrounded by kangaroos, horses, cows, wombats, and a multitude of all forms of wildlife that would let an eager young girl near them!Christine created her successful Instagram feed @fozzcook and has built a loyal following for her content, with followers drawn to the heart and soul of Larry and Cricket and the amusing and touching stories she provides with the media. Today Christine enjoys life in Southern California, and in addition to making sure Larry and Crickets’ fans get their daily fix of the couple’s capers, she has her hands full as a mother of two wonderful boys, two dogs, two tortoises, a cat, two horses, two guinea pigs, a giant flemish bunny, eight chickens and an assortment of marine life!

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